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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Holy hoax and talk show hosts...
According to Billboard, the Jeff Mangum message on E6 Townhall was indeed a hoax. This news comes from long time friend and frontman for The Apples in Stereo, Robert Schneider, who reported to fans that Jeff claimed not to have written the post.

Although we will not be treated with new music from Jeff Mangum, who I have believe is the second greatest song-writer of all time, there has been so much good music this year that everyone can keep their heads up. Here are some of my favorite songs so far this year.

Cold War Kids
These guys are my favorite new band. Originally a blog favorite, these kids have gained some serious creditability. Their 2006 ep offers six fantastic tracks and 2007 is looking even better. They are very indie sounding, but it works out.

We Used to Vacation

Saint John

great track
Diventa Blu

oh no! oh my!
Jane is Fat

The first effort from super-group Islands provides a plethora of catchy pop songs. Rough Gem is a standout.

Rough Gem

Sufjan Stevens
Sufjan plans on releasing his outtakes to last years Illinois, called The Avalanche, this July. Although he did not seem too happy about the quality of the record, from what I've heard it is just as good as Illinois There is a touch of hyperbole in there, but a lot of the songs on the album are amazing.

Adlai Stevenson

Postcards from Italy

Mason Jennings
If you need a reason

Steal the Blueprints

The Flaming Lips
At War With the Mystics was a bit of a disappointment due to the amount of time since the release of Yoshimi. There are, however, a handful of classic
lips songs.


Josh Ritter
Josh Ritter is fantastic. He is one of the best living song writers and his new album, The Animal Years, did not disappoint.



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