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Friday, June 30, 2006

--Newman plays tennis?

-He is fantastic.

The week is over and finally friday is here. Time for some good new tunes from the reliable boys of Outkast.

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After about 50 download attempts today, I finally stumbled upon some pretty good music. Considering it is the new Outkast, I wasn't too suprised...These guys have been making great music for a while. I'm happy to see that they did not split as was rumored. The first track is from Andre 3000 and is named Idlewild Blues. It centers on a basic blues riff and relies upon Dre's catchy/absurd lyrics. Unlike other Outkast tracks, especially supposed singles, this track doesn't contain much besides the blues riff.

Idlewild Blues

Big Boi's effort, Morris Brown, is much more Outkast sounding than Idlewild Bues. This song has potential to become a big hit single. These songs are set to appear on the soundtrack for the boys' new feature film, Idlewild directed by Bryan Barber, who directed Outkast in Hey Ya! and The Way You Move. Andre has proved himself big-screen worthy in last years Four Brothers and the shitty Be Cool.

Morris Brown

Bounus tracks I found today:

Radiohead (New Songs...Live at Bonnaroo)




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