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Monday, July 10, 2006

Page France: Tell them to kill Zidane

Although the headline is a play on words, it expresses the two things I want to do at the moment: kill Zidane for his bone-headed 'header' yesterday, and listen to Page France. Enough about soccer though, (but I mean, seriously, how are you going to let a PK shootout determine the winner of the World Cup?) and let's move on to Page France. These guys are amazing. I know, I know...Hello, Dear Wind came out last year and therefore I am late to the game, but I'd rather be late than be out of the loop forever.

Michael Nau is a great song-writer. From the start Hello, Dear Wind delivers. Chariot is probably my favorite song of all time. There is a touch of hyperbole in there, but it is that good. Before listening to the album in its' entirity, I looked up the review over at Pitchfork. I wasn't suprised; typically, they dwelled on the 'Christian' aspect of Nau's writing. Christian themes are scattered about the album, but it is much more than that. I think they are there to add to the other themes of the album.

My first Page France song was 'Mother' I came upon it while surfing the blogosphere on Mother's Day. After hearing that song, I had to get everything that they had released; I was hooked. Usually when I listen to a band for an extended perios of time, I take a while off from their music, but in this case, doing that would be impossible. If you haven't heard them yet, do yourself a favor and buy Hello, Dear Wind.




...And if you haven't heard Arizona, check them out:

Some Kind of Chill


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