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Friday, April 20, 2007

Upcoming Concerts

It's kind of hard to write a blog about new music and keep it updated when all I have been doing is listening to Sky Blue Sky. I will, however, explain how exicted I am for the week of May 9-16.

Being a teenager without his license, it is hard for me to attend a lot of shows in a small period of time. So, I always get excited when I'm seeing more than one act in a week. Memorable times when I did the "two show in one week" deal was when I say Flaming Lips on a Monday night and that coming Friday saw Sufjan. I couldn't have asked for a better week. The perfect band followed by the perfect solo act; perfect bookends.

The other time was just as good: The Hold Steady on a Saturday and M. Ward the following Friday. Once again: perfect band and perfect solo act. While it is pretty lame that I remember these things, since I don't go to too many shows I remember each one fondly.

May 9-16 though has three awesome concerts that I have been looking forward to. To start off the epic week is the start of the Highline "Festival" with Arcade Fire playing Radio City. I'm not crazy about Radio City, but the seats are good and the band is even better. Not to mention, the opening act is the fucking National! And possibly a David Bowie appearence? If so, it would be the greatest concert week even if it only had one show.

The Arcade Fire-Ocean of Noise

Two days after Arcade Fire comes They Might Be Gaints at the Stone Pony. I've always thought of them as the guys who sang the "Malcolm in the Middle" theme (which they are), but it turns out they are a lot better than that. I'm not dissing the song, it's just not that great of a representation of them. Anyway, that show should be fun, especially since the intimate atmosphere of the Pony.

They Might Be Gaints-Hall of Heads

Topping off the week, also part of Highline, is the brilliant Daniel Johnston at the newly finished Highline Ballroom. This is by far the most anticipated concert I am ever going to go to. Daniel Johnston is a god; the experience should be angelic. The best part about it is general admission. I love waiting in line and knowing I will have the chance to be right next to Daniel himself will make the wait even more enjoyable. I'm not expecting the older songs I know in love and I'm not really too familiar with his new stuff, just hearing him play music will be worth the world.

Daniel Johnston-Wicked World


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