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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Was knowing your weakness what made you strong?

When I first heard Crazy back in October, I was delighted. There I was with this masterpiece, all to myself , I thought. When ever I was with a friend, I would play the track. This was back in the day when the radio was not even imagined for the song. Always, the reaction would be that of shock. Who is this? Why haven't I heard of them? I did not have a clue who Gnarls Barkley was when this track first emegred. All I knew was that it was Cee-Lo and Dangermouse, that must have been why it was so good. As the months passed, I was growing tired of the song and I was longing for the release of St. Elsewhere. Finally the day came and I was amazed. By that time, everyone and their mother had heard Crazy, but at least I had the rest of the CD, and no radio listening teeny bopper was going to take that away.

I feared the day when I heard that 'Smiley Faces' was going to be released as a single. Oh no! Not another song that I love, please don't play this on the radio. Sure enough, I'm in the car, with the top 40 station on the dial, if that isn't bad enough, I hear 'What did you do? what did you say? Did you walk or did you run away?' Damnit, they've got a hold of it.

The good thing about this otherwise horrible news is that I knew there would be a video. And if there is one thing I love about Cee-Lo's music, is that is usually translates into an amazing piece of film. Taking a page out of Woody Allen's Zelig (if not blatently plagiarizing that page) Gnarls made a pretty interesting video. The editing is fantastic as it shows Dangermouse and Cee-Lo blending in with rock greats such as David Bowie and The Rolling Stones.

Take a look, it's a pretty nice video...

Please radio, please don't take Transformer...(but hell, that would make an epic video)


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