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Friday, July 21, 2006

Upcoming Concerts

There are three concerts that are coming up that I must see. Pretty much my life depends on seeing these three artists.

THE FLAMING LIPS...September 24&25...Hammerstein Ballroom

...Last time I had plans to see my favorite band of all time, The Flaming Lips, the most horrible thing happened. My tickets had just come in the mail. Keep in mind that these were extremely hard tickets to find, considering the show had sold out immediatly after the sale. So, I'm sitting at my home with two tickets to see the band I had always wanted to see and I can't go because Webster Hall only lets 18+ into the shows. That might have been the most disappointing thing I've ever had to do. When I sold the tickets, I felt like I was giving away a small child.

SUFJAN STEVENS...City Hall...September 29

...Any time Sufjan Stevens is playing, everyone should go and see him. I am happy to say that I already have a ticket, and just to know I'll be there makes me extremely excited. When I found out that he was touring, I couldn't believe it. Considering he said that he wanted to take a break in a recent Pitchfork interview. I've always wanted to see Illinois live and I am certain it will not disappoint.

THE DECEMBERISTS...November 3...Hammerstein Ballroom

Considering I have not been to too many concerts in my day, ever time a favorite comes around, it is usually going to be my first time seeing them. I haven't seen the Decemberists play live and I honestly can't wait for the show. It is a month after they release their 4th album (1st under Capitol), The Crane Wife. With all the info Meloy has given out about the album, it sounds like it will be very good (or above average, as he puts it).


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