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Sunday, August 06, 2006

"OMG, He broke up with me...

...Now I hate the world, and I hate you too, she said" These are the opening lines to probably the most catchy song of the year. The song is called Emo Phillips and it is by a small indie group called Arrah and the Ferns. Dispite the title, however, this pop masterpiece has nothing to do with the absolutly hilarious comedian. The song itself is pretty hialarious, as well as terrificly written.

I say this a lot, but I honestly 'can't stop playing it'. It really depicts this drama-queen teenager that everyone knows. Instead of making fun of the girl's problems, Arrah and her mighty Ferns offer the troubled teen consolation. 'You care about the weather, when you know its going to change tommorow'.

Usually songs dealing with teenage love/depression tend to be cheesy and over the top. Emo Phillips manages to add just enough humor to the beautiful backing arrangements, which is refreshing to hear in a pop song. You'll never hear this song on the radio, but it sure is better than any teeny bopper pop I have heard. Look up Arrah and the Ferns, support them. After hearing this track I immediatly ordered their album, Evan is a Vegan, off of their website. They also have a few tracks on their myspace that are worth checking out.


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