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Friday, September 01, 2006

For Pete's Sake

It is about time I wrote a new post, and what better way is there to get back into the game than introducing a great local band. For Pete's Sake aren't your typical rock n' roll band. Sure they have all the basics of a rock group (guitar, bassm drums, keyboard) but their age sets them apart from most of their peers.

The group, consisting of Jesse Pianelli, Jake Erlich, Peter Clabby, Zach Sewall and Eric Luba can't even drive themselves to shows, being that they're 16-year-olds. That doesn't stop them from rockin, however. In just little over a year, I have seen this group transfer from 'lets have fun and play music' to 'this is our jobs'. With the change of attitude came a change in sound also. Recent tracks show much more mature lyrics as well as more complicated and fierce arrangements.

Having played Chubby's, Count Basie, and Stone Pony (yes, the same venue Bloc Party played at recently) things can only get better for this power five. As far as a live act goes, you won't see a tighter group of young kids up there on the stage. So far, they have only released a demo, with relatively old material, but I still can't see myself taking it out of my cd player.

Check them out, you'll really enjoy them.


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