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Monday, September 11, 2006

love is like a bottle of gin

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All of my music listening life I have been told by everyone I know, "Check out the Magnetic Fields." I really had planned on listening to them, especially 69 Love songs which supposedly 'has no bad tracks.' After years of hearing this, I still did not give them a chance. In every descussion of the best songwriter of all time that I have ever had, the name Merritt was always mentioned near the the top of the list.

After a while I had enough. I was going to explore this band! I was not going to be the first and certainly not the last, but I will no longer sit to the side of best song-writing debates because I was not familiar with a particular Merritt's ability.

Recently I made a decison that will forever change the way I listen to music and the way I rate songwriting. 69 Love Songs really does not have any bad tracks. Most bands go through a ten track album and only have five or six good songs on them. The Magnetic Fields could have finished Sufjan's 50 State Project, I'm certain. Surely the ability to make so many heartfelt songs should put you on the top of any list.

I haven't even had enough time to thoroughly enjoy the entire 69 Love Songs album, doing so would take months. I've been trying to listen to it in its entirety each time I listen to it. Usually I only get through the first disk or so, but each time I pick up something different. There are so many forgotten tracks that excite me upon each listen.

I would like to introduce to you, Magnetic Fields Monday. Each Monday from now on I will post my favorite 69 Love Songs track of the week. Despite the title of the post, this week goes to Let's Pretend We're Bunny Rabbits. The song is one of the more optimistic tracks on the record. It reminds me of a pre-Aeroplane rough Jeff Mangum song.


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