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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Yusef Islam

Wheter or not you agree with his choices (I for one, couldn't care less) it is hard to dispute that Yusef Islam, formely Cat Stevens, is one of the all time greatest songwriters.

After 28 years of inactivity in the music business, the classic singer/songwriter has recently announced plans for an upcoming LP. With a year full of ruturns to the business (The Who, The Pixies), this one remains my favortie. Remember listening to classic albums such as Tea for Tillerman and Mona Bone Jakon and just thinking, 'Will this man ever make another album?'. Well your questions have been answered and it remains one of my most anticipated albums of this year.

Possibly a tour following the release? We'll keep out fingers crossed...

Cat Stevens-Father and Son

The Flaming Lips-Fight Test(Sound Familiar?)


Anonymous lauren! said...

cat stevens <3.

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