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Monday, September 18, 2006


Say what you will be about the novelty aspect of their live show (i.e. them not playing live music all the time, a limited set list, etc.) you must admit that the Flaming Lips now how to entertain. Next Monday, I will finally get to see the best band I have ever heard, play live. Sure, I would have loved to see them back when say, Ronald Jones was in the band, but videos like this one make me extremely happy about being a Lips fan.

This video, form the big UFO unveiling show in Oklahoma City, is one of the greatest things I have ever seen in my life. When I go to a concert, I like to have a good time and hear good music. Well, that is pretty much what the Lips are aiming for when they put on a show. I know they most likley have the UFO in Hammerstein next Monday, but I can rest assured I will have a spectacular time.

While I patiently await the show, I guess I'll just have to listen to the Lips.


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